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A family may have to sell their home to pay for staggering hospital bills because their baby was born two days “too late”.

Louise Crawshaw-Bowen, 37, gave birth to her son Wolfe via an emergency caesarean section in Antalya, Turkey, on July 25.

The baby is now in intensive care, where doctors are trying to help him breathe after he was born prematurely by seven weeks and five days.

Louise and 27-year-old Stephen, from West Yorkshire, believed their travel insurance would cover them – only to be told of a clause in the policy’s small print where insurers would only pay out if a baby is born eight weeks premature.

The mum-of-five, who had a “fit to fly” medical note for her honeymoon, told Yorkshire Live : “It’s just so unfair that I sorted out insurance to cover all of this and we’re in this situation.

“We’re honestly out of options, and I’m not one to ask for help but we are desperate.

“I’ve seen my five day old baby for two minutes – it’s heartbreaking and we need to get him home.”

The newborn needs to remain in hospital for at least another three weeks, say medics, and may not be able to fly immediately afterwards.

Stephen has been asked to sign an €800 (£670) bill for treatment, as well as another €5,000 (£4,188) to allow Louise to leave hospital.

Louise said: “Just two days ago we went to see how much Wolfe’s bill was – and it was £4,400.”

The newlyweds may even be forced to sell their house to foot the costs.

She added: “Before they made this decision, they were ringing us saying keep the receipts for bills, pay for an extra week at your accommodation, and we will reimburse it all back.

“Then on Wednesday they give us this news – it makes no sense at all premature births are up until 37 weeks.”

The couple say they feel “let down” by the insurance company, as well as “angry” and “disappointed”.

Stephen said: “The insurance company are not paying out because of two days.

“It took them from Monday to Wednesday to make this decision, and it feels like from Monday to Wednesday – it feels to us – like they were trying to find a loophole to not pay the money.”

The couple have also spent several thousand euros for accommodation at the Grand park lara in Antalya, where they are staying with their 11-month old, until they can get Wolfe back home.

Louise’s three eldest children, 14-year-old Ty, 11-year-old Daisi and five-year-old Teddy, returned to the UK with her friend on Wednesday.

A GoFundMe was also set up to help towards the cost of medical bills, reading: “Please let’s take the stress away from this family with raising the funds they need so they can spend time caring for their son.”

The page has raised over £9,000 of its £30,000 target so far.