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Paving stones are increasingly being used by homeowners to spruce up their gardens.

Not only are they perfect for creating a beautiful patio space for barbecues on warm summer evenings, they can also be very appealing to prospective buyers and add to a property’s value when it comes time to sell up and move on.

Patios do need to be maintained though because nobody wants their garden to be overrun by ugly weeds that insist on growing in the small gaps between the stones.

But before you write it off as too much hassle, don’t be so hasty, because one very short and simple task done daily can go a long way to ensuring your patio will always stay in pristine condition.

An expert from Infinite Paving has shared tips on how to ensure your patio stays looking great all year round, The Express reported.

Nicole France says there is one thing that needs to be done every day to keep your paving stones in top notch condition, and it really is very simple.

Clean them
Yes, that’s it. A brisk daily sweep with a high-quality broom will get rid of any dirt and debris before it gets a chance to settle.

This simple step will halt the accumulation of debris including dust, soil and leaves, which would lead to seed germination if allowed to build up.

“The growth of weeds can not only be ugly but plants can grow in any small cracks, therefore breaking up the stones further,” said Nicole.

“Ensuring you regularly brush your stones means that even if small weeds have started to form, you can easily break them up with sweeping motions, ending further growth.

“Strong rains on the forecast? We recommend sweeping your pavers prior to the rainfall, as this action will make cleaning up later much easier!”

What should I be cleaning them with?
It’s easy, cheap and safe to make an effective cleaning solution with products every household has access to.

Nicole suggests using soapy water made from washing up liquid or an acid-free soap-based floor cleaner.

Alternatively, white vinegar when mixed with water is also highly effective.

It is worth noting, however, that some products will react with limestone, marble and other natural stone paving.

Cold or hot water should be added to the solution once it’s been made.

Vinegar solution should be allowed to soak into the stones for around an hour.

Once the solution has been applied, simply scrub the paving gently with a brush or broom.

Remove soil or debris that may have managed to sneak into any crevices or other areas.

Weeding regularly
It is annoying, but weeding is vital and makes a massive difference to a garden’s presentation.

Daily sweeping with a broom and washing of the paving stones will make a huge difference to keeping your patio in fine fettle but it’s not enough all on its own.

Nicole said: ”Many weeds can be removed by hand or via the use of a weeding tool, such as a hoe, weed scraper or a weeding fork.

“These tools are readily available and inexpensive, helping users to get rid of perennial weeds, alongside any other annual or biennial species.

“In some cases wherein the roots of a weed have entered the joining, some Polymeric Sand will come away when a weed is pulled.

“This sand should be replaced ASAP once a surface as clean as the empty or partially-filled paver joints may not keep the stone in place.

“If you are frequently removing weeds and this is failing to control the problem, you can consider introducing weedkillers to your pavers.

“Spraying the chemicals on plant leaves will often eradicate the problem but you should be careful to identify the species of weed and take care to be precise, as the weedkiller may damage your garden or surrounding plants.”